what i've done and what i'm doing

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hey there! i'm



a 19yr old Brazilian startup founder, game developer, web designer, artist, sports lover, scientific Olympiads medalist, and owner of two dogs.

nice to meet you!

(〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃)


in 2021 i was accepted into


international universities, as follows:

  1. Studies in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics - University of Toronto, Mississauga
  2. Co-op Computer Science - University of Toronto, Scarborough
  3. Studies in Computer Science at the Faculty of Arts and Science - University of Toronto, Innis College
  4. Bachelor of Applied Science Program - University of British Columbia
  5. Computer Science in the College of Science at West Lafayette - Purdue University
  6. Major at Computer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology

as you can see, i’m good at math, physics, computer science…

…or just stem, in general (✿◡‿◡)

but my skills didn’t come from nowhere!

to be accepted by these universities, i had to work hard:

  • during my middle school (2014 - 2017) at Colégio Mater Amabilis i was among the best students, going as far as receiving full-ride thanks to my academic performance in olympiads and exams

i won 35 medals from scientific Olympiads during this period, ranging from physics to astronomy, math, robotics, and more

this includes three! international math Olympiads

(shown in the awards section)

  • thanks to these international medals, a headhunter from Colégio Farias Brito, one of the best educational institutions in Brazil, invited me to study there

that’s how i started living by myself 2954km / 1854mi away from my family when i was only 15yrs old

the institution gave me a full-ride which included food, clothing, transportation, and even an apartment with other like-minded students!

  • i then started participating in an honors class, focusing in math olympiads. in 2020, i began the process of studying for the SAT / TOEFL exams

my tests were rescheduled several times due to the pandemic. uncertainty was the norm as no one knew what would happen to us, students.

nonetheless, i remained positive, studying several hours per day. the hard work paid off!

i scored

1550 / 1600

on the SAT and

111 / 120

on the TOEFL

of course, good scores aren’t enough.

a good profile needs to be well-rounded!


i’ve always been a natural leader.

not because i think i'm better...

(〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃)

...but because i think i can bring the best out of others!

  • i was one of the three founders of Nery, a medical startup (2020). It all started after we got 2nd place in the MIT Hackmed Brasil Competition. The prize was used to support the project! I helped as the CTO, using my UI/UX expertise

although i was the youngest of the group - by far - i managed to find my role and help my co-founders during the initial steps

...unfortunately, we stopped due to COVID issues >︿<

  • i am the co-founder of Good Luck Collective as well, a game dev group (2021)

i help with the coding, art, and design of the games

i act as the bridge between the programmers and the artists, helping with the development and ensuring the flow isn’t interrupted during game projects

we’ve already won a game-jam!

  • i was the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Dupla, a headhunting startup (2021). i developed the website (design included!), took care of the marketing, and managed the social media content

we managed, in such a short period, to gather a lot of followers

investors quickly became interested in helping us!

this one i left to pursue my own path! it was worth it (✿◡‿◡)

  • as you know, i also have my personal projects

i publish stuff i make on two instagram accounts:

for my traditional and digital drawings


for my design / typographic art

i also have a twitter account just for my current projects:

it is called

and i use it to share
my games, my drawings, etc...


how could i forget!

i also have a website for my webdesign ideas!

it is called by.koga, and...

...wait a second, you already know this



talking about leadership,

i was the vice-president of NOIC, an education NGO

(2018 - 2020)

NOIC is the biggest education NGO made by students in Brazil!

it has thousands and thousands of posts about several subjects, helping students in need to study for Olympiads.

i supervised over 40 members! not only that, i was responsible for the rebranding and overhaul of the platform.

the monthly views doubled after my redesign!

here are some other stats:

the platform has over


million views,




different Olympiads,


followers in different medias,


members & collaborators,



years of a rich history!

(stats from 17/11/2021)

have you ever heard the quote:

jack of all trades,

master of none?

while spreading yourself too thin isn’t a good idea, i believe that a well-rounded arsenal of abilities allows people to think for themselves, discover for themselves, and decide for themselves

nowadays, people prefer to focus on just a few subjects

this has led to an increase in ignorance (or the perception of it)

i’ve always striven to be a flexible person. someone who can understand a multitude of topics, do a little bit of everything, and overall, always be of help

here’s a list of my skills / hobbies (things i’ve spent a decent time practicing).

they’re categorized by the type of intelligence / experience* required:

*gardner's theory of multiple intelligences


coordinating your mind with your body

baseball - this was the first sport i’ve ever experienced. i was around 6yrs old when i started, training for around 5yrs. i was very young, so there wasn’t that spark of competitiveness inside me yet. still, baseball was essential for me to develop the strength in my right arm and overall coordination

  • i’ve won a couple of trophies and medals (~5 trophies, ~15 medals. i can’t remember correctly)

handball - the sport that i play the best. i started right after i stopped playing baseball, and only stopped recently thanks to COVID. in 2021 i was going to be the captain of the team of my high school…

  • i’ve won a couple of medals and tournaments!

volleyball - used to be my favorite sport during 8th and 9th grade. considering i’m very short, it was always fun to jump above everyone else and be able to smash the ball. together with my speed and coordination, i’ve already partaken in all roles of the team (libero as well, of course)

table-tennis - the sport that i spend the most time playing nowadays. i train around 2 hours per week (not much, honestly). i started in late 2020, and i’ve improved decently in one year

tennis - another sport that i play nowadays. honestly, i don’t enjoy tennis that much, but that’s probably just because i suck at it

ambidextrousness - fun fact: i’m ambidextrous! i am naturally left-handed, but nowadays i can use both arms pretty effectively. it’s all thanks to two factors. firstly, my baseball 先生 (“sensei”, which means teacher in japanese), for some reason, taught me to throw the ball with my right arm. because baseball was my first sport, i’ve learned since young to throw with my right, but never with my left. the second reason is that, when i was young, i broke my left arm days before some school exams. i then decided to learn how to write with my right arm, so i could take the tests nonetheless. it worked pretty well!

  • i use my left arm for fine movement. this includes writing, painting, drawing (anything artistic), holding the fork, etc.
  • i use my right arm for tasks that require strength, such as most sports
  • (these rules don’t always apply. i play table tennis with my left, use the skateboard with my left, mouse and scissors with my right, etc.)


finding the right words to express what you mean

writing skills - i’ve always been pretty decent at writing. since young teachers have complimented my skills. nowadays, whenever i need to release stress, writing is my first option (i write the best when i’m emotionally disturbed, idk)

  • i’ve written a ton of poems and chronicles
  • specially, i’m currently writing an adventure game “thoughts that pass by”. it has a complex storyline!

reading - i’ve been incentivated to read since young by my parents. for that reason, i’ve always been keen on books, specially the classical ones. this isn’t a “skill” exactly, mostly just a hobby. i don’t speed read, i just enjoy books

  • i really like “Sapiens” and the Percy Jackson series

languages - one of my lifetime goals is to know at least 5 languages fluently. slowly but surely i’m getting there! thanks to the internet, it isn’t hard to learn for free / alone

  • portuguese, fluent (mother language, nothing special really)
  • english, fluent (i’ve been studying english since around 10yrs old. nowadays i can think in english like it is my mother language)
  • japanese, beginner (i’m currently studying japanese! hopefully i’ll be advanced in a year or two, let’s see how it goes. i might even translate this website to japanese if possible)
  • spanish, beginner (i used to have spanish classes when i was younger, so i know a little bit. moreover, portuguese and spanish have a lot in common, so it isn’t impossible to understand sentences half of the time)


discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm, and timbre

musical composition - i occasionally compose music for my games. granted, the music isn’t impressive. still, it’s something that i can do, if necessary


sensing people's feelings and motives

leadership - this isn’t a hobby, just a personal skill. as i’ve previously mentioned, i am naturally attracted towards leadership. i’m not sure why, but people also tend to put me in a leader spot implicitly

coaching - recently i’ve been coaching some people on Overwatch, a competitive 6v6 game that i play a lot. coaching is about helping and understanding others while ensuring your point is correctly understood. it is very fun!


understanding yourself, what you feel, and what you want

meditation - whenever i need to calm down and focus i meditate. it is such a simple yet effective tool for calming down! i’ve yet to try long periods such as over an hour. i’ll do it someday

“diary” - although i don’t exactly have a diary, i do use an app called 1SE. it allows me to record one second of footage per day as a way of keeping track of the year. it is very fun!


quantifying things, making hypotheses and proving them

game dev - i started coding thanks to minecraft’s coding blocks update in late 2012. soon after i was already trying to code my own games in drag ‘n drop engines. unsatisfied, i eventually gathered courage to learn C# and face the steep learning curve of Unity. self taught, i’ve published a couple of games on itch.io and google play by myself, as well as with my game dev group

  • currently working on a big game called thoughts that pass by. it’ll be published on steam, google play, itch.io, and more?

web dev - while learning coding in general, i eventually stumbled upon web tools - JS, CSS, HTML, and more. i’ve always wanted to create my own website, and so i started learning all about these different frameworks and technologies.

  • my first free website called Young Minds was my first experience with web development. It was made with Blogger, and it was simply a personal blog
  • my next project was called The Thought Compiler, a website that had the purpose of showing my web dev / web design skills. it had a short life, however, as i soon realized that i didn’t want to use Wordpress
  • my current project, by.koga, is what you see in front of your eyes. nowadays i prefer a more raw, techy experience, using tools such as Hugo, terminal tools, and Github Pages.
  • i’ve also designed three other websites: NOIC, Dupla, and Nery. i already mentioned them up somewhere, go take a look

coding - just coding information in general

  • i started learning coding thanks to codecademy (thank you!) when i was 12yrs old
  • i’ve already used C, C++, C#, JS, Python, PHP, Ruby, and more for my projects

puzzle-solving - while everyone requires and uses puzzle-solving skills daily, it’s a whole different matter to learn about techniques to solve problems and challange yourself daily with mind boggling conundrums

  • i started tackling puzzles with my father when i was just a little kid and the DSi launched. by playing Professor Layton i became enthralled with the feeling of cogs turning inside my brain. the “aha!” moments defined me forever
  • nowadays i create puzzles myself, challenging friends and online followers. sometimes i even get challenges back

scientific Olympiads - as an extension of puzzle-solving, scientific Olympiads offered me a more competitive feeling of solving problems. they pretty much defined my entire school trajectory, leading me to change schools and find multiple opportunities of growth

  • all of the awards are in the awards section
  • as a curiosity, if you add the scientific medals that me and my siblings have earned, it currently surpasses one hundred!


visualizing the world in 3D

traditional art - i spent 5 years studying traditional art in an art studio near my house, focusing on paper media and architecture subjects mostly. early 2020 i started tackling human anatomy, drawing poses, faces, etc.

  • drawing (pencil, ink pen)
  • coloring (colored pencil)
  • painting (oil paint, guache, watercolor)

digital art - i started using digital media for my drawings at the start of the pandemic (early 2020). since then, i’ve already learned to use multiple programs, publishing several artworks on my instagram

  • clip studio paint (my personal preference)
  • krita (first program i’ve used)

pixel art - although pixel art is technically digital art, i prefer to separate it as the techniques and tools used are very different. i use pixel art mostly for my games

  • aseprite (the best tool, hands down)
  • GIMP

design / typography - again, technically digital art. design / typography is mostly about branding and vector art. the tools, purpose, and techniques are all different, so it deserves its own section

  • figma (very useful for poster-like content)
  • inkscape (the best free software for vectors that i know)

photography - i’ve always been a fan of photography, studying composition, color theory, and more since young (it’s important to notice the difference between simply taking photos and being a photographer). i have this routine of taking a short video everyday

  • my personal instagram @real.koga used to be my photo gallery, although i’ve archived the photos

other stuff

chess - i’m pretty mediocre in chess, although i’ve studied it for a while. i know the basics and some common strategies, although i’m beat by my younger brother 95% of the time

digital content - i have multiple social media accounts that i try to gather followers just for the business / challenge aspect

video editing - i am pretty used to Resolve Studio, a great free program for editing videos. i’ve used it before for personal and school projects


here’s a list of all my scientific* awards!

they're classified between gold, silver, bronze, and honorary mention, as well as international, national, and state

2014 - 6th grade

  • national gold math - matemática sem fronteiras
  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national gold math - olimpíada de matematica do poliedro
  • national silver computer science - olimpíada brasileira de informatica
  • state gold physics - olimpíada paulista de física

2015 - 7th grade

  • international gold math - olimpíada de matemática rioplatense
  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national gold math - olimpíada de matematica do poliedro
  • national bronze astronomy - olimpíada brasileira de astronomia
  • national honorary mention computer science - olimpíada brasileira de informática
  • state gold math - olimpíada paulista de matemática
  • state gold physics - olimpíada paulista de física

2016 - 8th grade

  • national gold math - matemática sem fronteiras nacional
  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national gold math - olimpíada de matematica do poliedro
  • national gold astronomy - olimpíada brasileira de astronomia & astronáutica
  • national gold physics - olimpíada brasileira de física
  • national silver robotics - olimpíada brasileira de robótica
  • national bronze math - olimpíada brasileira de matemática
  • national bronze computer science - olimpíada brasileira de informática
  • national bronze chemistry - olimpíada brasileira de química
  • state gold math - matemática sem fronteiras regional
  • state gold math - olimpíada de matematica da unicamp

2017 - 9th grade

  • international silver math - olimpíada de matemática lusófona
  • international bronze math - olimpíada de matemática rioplatense
  • national gold math - brasileira de matemática das escolas públicas
  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national gold math - olimpíada de matematica do poliedro
  • national gold math - matemática sem fronteiras nacional
  • national silver physics - olimpíada brasileira de física
  • national silver robotics - olimpíada brasileira de robótica
  • national honorary mention chemistry - olimpíada brasileira de química
  • state gold math - olimpíada paulista de matemática
  • state gold math - matemática sem fronteiras regional
  • state silver physics - olimpíada paulista de física

2018 - 10th grade

  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national silver astronomy - olimpíada brasileira de astronomia
  • national bronze math - olimpíada brasileira de matemática
  • national honorary mention physics - olimpíada brasileira de física
  • state silver math - olimpíada paulista de matemática
  • state bronze math - olimpíada cearense de matemática

2019 - 11th grade

  • national gold math - canguru matemático sem fronteiras
  • national bronze math - brasileira de matemática das escolas públicas
  • national honorary mention math - olimpíada brasileira de matemática

2020 - 12th grade

  • nothing :P

*(i don't mention sports because there's so many of them, and to be honest they're from smaller events, not really worth mentioning)


so, after checking my portfolio...


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