“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.” – Mae West


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#030 - Week 3

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Esse é o placeholder
#030 - Week 3
(Almost) pig!


Finally I’ve been back to coding my new game (almost) pig after the robbery.

Progressing in a satisfyingly nice speed!

Ignorance is Bliss


Ah! The beauty of ignorance.

Today I had the pleasure of having my work discussed with a person that definitely didn’t understand what the f*ck they were talking about.

Anyways, here is another post from my startup Dupla.



-> Poem in Portuguese! Kinda hard to translate while keeping the rhymes…

Ah, máscaras de quarentena

Presto minha queixa de manhã serena

Que embora de matéria fina

Me impedem de ver a face menina

Que tanto me aliena

Luna, Nina, Diana, Catarina, Mariana, Marina.

Máscara inoportuna:

Tapa a narina - e aperta o coração.



I… don’t have much to say. I was robbed. Knives. Four guys. At home. With my family.

No, no one got hurt luckily.

It was traumatizing to say the least.

Hence the delay for my daily posts.


Dupla Tech!


WOW! I’ve been working a lot recently!

I’m the CMO of Dupla Tech, as some of you might know. I’m also the one that manages the website, and I’ve been working on it a lot!

I’m very proud, so go check it out


May 31

A month of streaks!
#023 - Month 1

First “big” milestone reached! Yay to us!
Mouth Surgery

#022 - Week 2


I didn’t have the energy / time to write a proper weekly post, sorry not sorry :P

GT Meeting!


I’m having a meeting with my fellow brazilian GT freshmen (and women) in 30min! It’ll be very fun getting to know them for the first time. Talking about that, I also have to decide who’s going to be my roommate. Should I just go random?

Georgia Tech!


Dealing with some paperwork from Georgia Tech! Technical difficulties, thankfully nothing serious. Having a good mentor to help you out goes a long way…

Ah, I also got my new phone / accessories (screen protector and case, as well as a power bank). It is amazing how fast tech has been progressing! Few years ago, a cellphone with 120Hz screen, 4000mAh battery and quad-camera setup would be amazingly expensive.



My mouth is still slowly recovering… What worries me the most is the possibility of problems in the next weeks. I hope nothing unexpected happens

That’s it for today!

Pretty Surgery Much Pain


Just had surgery today. Removed four teeth (the back ones). It is pretty painful hah. See you tomorrow

#015 - Week 1
Just do it


Feeling very productive recently! By not caring so much about routines, I actually started thinking less about “what I could do” or “what I should’ve done”.

Finished my game!


Here are the links for the game, it is called (almost) tic-tac-toe:

More details on the weekly streak!



“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein

Have a good day!

Medical "Adventure"

#010 and #011

Don’t worry, I’m fine. I just had a kinda exhaustive exam during the night, affecting yesterday and today. Soooo, I’m very tired. The streaks continue, however!

No mistakes were made


…What? So you’re telling me I skipped a day? No no, it must be a mistake *sweats*

… Here, take a drawing as a gift!

I PROMISE I’ll write the weekly update this Saturday! Here, I’ll even set it up as a draft already!

Another drawing!


Tomorrow I shall update you all with what has been happening recently. For now, here is a drawing of mine!

Actual 007


Oops, I mistook the numbers. Well, this one is the actual 007. Anyways, here is the drawing for today. I promise I’m trying to find more time to write other stuff here in this website. It’s just that… I’m so busy recently, and my routine is so sh*t right now

Let it go

Another day, another drawing. Today I finally woke up at the right time! Unfortunately this drawing didn’t reach my expectations, but hey… I draw everyday! Some of the drawings won’t be that good, it’s alright. All that matters is that I keep going



pshh - Busy studying for my driving exams tomorrow!

The Fours


Holy crap! Just finished this drawing. It is very encouraging when you look back and notice you’re improving! Also, I’m changing my routine by applying a new system that I called “The Fours”. It will help me have more time to write as well, so perhaps this website will get more active ;)

link to image

A Good Exercise


Ahhh! Nothing beats a good exercise routine to boost the energy. Also, I’ll eventually post some other content here, otherwise this website will be just a lame diary. That wouldn’t be very interesting, honestly. I’ve just been very lazy recently, but don’t worry!

Art Block


I DON’T KNOW WHY, but I have no trouble drawing traditionally. When it comes to digital art, however, I just… can’t. I think I’ll transition from traditional daily sketches to digital daily sketches until I eventually get used to it. I reckon it’s all about practice

Starting Streaks!


From now on, I’ll try to keep up with my schedule and routine with the streak mindset! Getting to certain milestones will help make it more memorable. I’ll also define certain awards for myself hah.


Apr 30

Hello World
Hello World!

Everything starts from here